Metal Sheet Bending

For its service of metal sheet bending MDL uses a system with servo-electric Prima Electro ep-0520 drive, which is ecological, efficient and productive with a reduction of both cycle and set-up time.

This system distributes the bending strength through the drive belts along the entire workable length. It is furthermore based on MSWindows with two processors, 17’’ touch screen with intuitive user interface, 2D graphic programming and AutoPol 3D visualisation for off-line programming, which is efficient and intuitive.

The MDL metal sheet bending service offers various advantages:

  • Great versatility;
  • Excellent precision;
  • An average 50% consumption reduction compared to hydraulic bending machines;
  • Reduced maintenance costs;
  • No hydraulic oil to purchase and to dispose of;
  • Presence of AQ bending helpers which makes a second operator for the placement of large pieces not necessary;
  • 5 years guarantee on the mechanical parts, combined with a every year renewable maintenance contract.

Thanks to a rigid “O” structure the system ensures a correct alignment of tools, even under deformation and flexibility with possible validations outside the entire bending length of 2.040 mm. The optimal position of the piston guarantees accuracy and repeatability through two linear encoders that measure the position of  both the superior and the inferior table.

Concerning safety it presents the Lazer Safe’s “Block Laser”, recognized as the most innovative solution in terms of productivity and protection level.

An additional option is the measurement of the bending angle, that is a high speed technology for digital elaboration of images for the angle’s measurement of the workpiece during every working cycle with the automatic correction of the bending program. Finally it is recommended the use of Wila tools system, renowned for its velocity, accuracy and flexibility.

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