MDL is an italian leader company in commerce of iron and steel production, particularly in pipe cutting and tube bending.

Since decades MDL has been working in iron and steel production. Its main activity deals with tube swaging, even if MDL is able to offer other services as drilling, trimming, deburring, cutting and blending tubes of any size.

The MDL’s activity includes different fields, from the automotive to the hydro-sanitary, from heating to furniture, from components to curtains. MDL deals with complete fornitures or third party works, being able to cut and bend tubes in steel, copper, brass or alluminium.

Sure MDL is the right answer for those companies that need services such as tube swaging or pipe cutting or tube bending. The MDL’s production also include welded pipes, wire-drawn tubes, welded round tubes, wire-drawn square tubes, or welded rectangular pipes deburred at two sides. Among the services offered by MDL there are also the internal and the external washing, the transfers, the drilling and the bending tubes, the round, the oval and the square tubes, even if the MDL’s flag is tube swaging, pipe cutting and tube bending.

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