Laser Cutting Sheet

Laser Cutting Sheet

MDL is specialised in sheet laser cutting and is able to perform a wide variety of sheet metal operations and profiles, on specific customer request.

The sheet laser cutting is a technique born in the early 70s, which features a laser power of about 500w. Over the year this technique has increasingly  evolved: just think that today, these lasers have a power from 2 to 12 KW.

The lasers, produced from a CO2 matrix (most recurrent method) is fed into a series of pipes, mirrors and lenses, to then be projected on the material. By stressing the profile, the laser melts the metal on the contact point, perforating it and making the cut. 

MDL Sheet laser cutting Division, benefiting from the experience gained in Pipes cutting field, has increasingly developed over recent years, thanks to the use of advanced machinery which allow to meet any laser cutting need.

MDL has extremely precise and dynamic technologies, available to those who need very high productivity levels, to carry out all sorts of sheet laser cutting, from minimum to the most demanding thickness. The efficiency is the main feature even for the sheet laser cutting, and the new installed machine actually can reach cutting speeds of up to 150 m / min and 6G acceleration, thus to ensure top quality, precision and efficiency in cutting.

The laser cutting offers a number of advantages:

  • it improves the quality of the cut, there is no contact and the overheated surface does not exceed 0.5 mm.
  • it allows extreme precision and makes regular edges.
  • it ensures  great working speed, because cuts and marks can be simultaneously made.
  • it can cut any type of material (including steel, carbon, stainless steel) and thickness.
  • it guarantees  a noticeable reduction in electricity thanks to high efficiency (over 30% higher energy efficiency).
  • absence of laser gases such as He, CO2 and N2.

MDL has a 2D ZAPHIRO cutting system with 4000 w power: Prima Power's high-end 2D cutting machine. Thanks to linear motors and advanced CNC, ZAPHIRO is a machine suitable for those who have very high productivity and quality needs. The combination of speed, efficiency, flexibility and the possibility of increasing automation with modular solutions makes ZAPHIRO the perfect choice for cutting a wide range of high productivity materials.

System main features:

  • linear motors for great work speed. Up to 6G and 350m/min and max. 50m/min cut speed.
  • synthetic granite structure to guarantee both stiffness and damping, even with the highest dynamics.
  • 6 KW FIBER LASER: wide range of thicknesses from 0.5 to 25 mm for iron, from 0.5 to 15 mm for stainless steel; the best efficiency in its category is guaranteed.
  • SINGLE lens: all materials and thicknesses can be cut with a single standard lens in unmanned production.
  • Automatic nozzle change system.
  • Linear motors on all axes.
  • SIPS (Safe Impact Protection System), to protect  the cutting head from any collision.
  • Easy to use and ergonomic numerical control P30L with 17” touch screen and trackball.
  • Large working range up to 1500x3000 mm.

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