Punching machine

Punching machine


In MDL the punching service is carried out through a compact, eco-compatible and smart technology, guaranteed by Amada Vipros 255.

The series punching machine uses an AC single servo motors system able to get a cadence of 900 strokes / min. The presses drive mechanism, which is located within the crossbar, uses a kind of transmission able to ensure top quality, stable and extremely quick machining, and its achievement is obtained by a suctioning system for waste.

The use of high frequency nibbling machines allows to make special profiles with top quality finishes, without using special shaped tools.

MDL punching service offers many advantages:

  • High quality machining.
  • High speed deburring.
  • Reduction in the running time of the operating cycle.
  • Shearing.
  • Removal of any punching waste.
  • Elimination of correctional works.
  • High speed marking.
  • Improvement of the overall production efficiency when secondary operations are required.
  • High speed forming.
  • Forming downwards.
  • Inch Bending (small flanges can be made during the cycle).

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