MDL provides a complete painting service for every product.

During the preliminary phase of work, MDL studies the best paints and finishing for the product to treat by focusing on the client’s needs.

The used paints are solid, in the form of powder. The powder coatings have thermo hardener resins, to which pigments of color are added. All the paints are nontoxic.

The available coats are classified into four macro-categories:

Epoxy paint

Epoxy powders were among the first to be used in the field of powder coatings and are principally implied for manufacturers for the interior. Its advantages are the good resistance to chemicals, the durability, the impact resistance, the reduced cost.

Polyester powder paint

It is used both for industrial and architectural purposes and it is suitable for the finishing of manufacturers for the exterior. The advantages of this painting are the long-term durability,  the excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, chemicals and UV rays.

Epoxy polyester powder paint

It represents the most common category on the market and it is obtained by mixing epoxy resins and polyester. It is suitable for every piece to paint and it is used for its excellent mechanical strength, its stronger endurance at high temperatures, its good resistance to chemicals and to yellowing.

Polyurethane paint

It is suitable for any material. It does not offer the same qualities of polyester coating but among its characteristicsresistance to abrasion, impact and scratch, easy clearing, good resistance to chemicals and atmospheric agents can be found.

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