Tube Swaging

The MDL’s work is identified by complete fornitures or third party works. Doubtless tube swaging is the most important activity of MDL. Talking about the production’s range in pipe cutting is so distinguished:

  • Welded pipe Welded and drawn pipe
  • Round section
  • Square section
  • Rectangular, steel
  • Fe 320
  • Fe 510
  • Stainless steel
  • Aisi 304 430
  • Alluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper

The manufactoring production may include custom designed items.

MDL may realize also rolled and drawn sections up to 40 mm and, plates, up to 80×10 mm. The machineries, all automatic, allows a cutting range from 8 to 102 mm.

The square section pipe dimensions may be up to 80 x 80 mm, while for the rectangular section may be up to 80 x 100 mm. The cutting lenghts are from 15 to 3.000 mm.

Besides the pipe cutting section, MDL realizes bilateral flaring pipes, internal and external washing and transfers of any type. MDL’s production, it’s good to remember, also includes tube swaging and pipe drilling for round tubes but also for square ones.

MDL is connected with the most important companies of the sector, with a consolidated join effort both in productions and in provisions.

But what makes different MDL in its services as pipe cutting is price, that helps the MDL’s customers in the run for savings.

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