MDL provides a complete welding service in order to satisfy all needs.

The MDL welding service presents the following types:

Braze welding: The braze welding makes the welding of heterogeneous metals possible and it is characterized by the use of filler materials (generally brass and bronze), with 900°C melting temperatures. The process is based on various physical phenomena, in particular the atomic diffusion of the filler alloy in the intergranular structure of the base material. Differently to braze, the braze welding does not involve overlapping joints because it uses filler alloys at relatively high temperatures. The braze welding allows to joint almost every metals and reduces, moreover, gas and fuel consumptions.

Induction welding: the induction welding produces the weld joint through electromagnetic induction by bringing the workpiece to the welding temperature: as a metallic object is introduced in the generated magnetic field, the object warms up quickly, the filler material welds and the weld joint is created. This phenomenon is called “warming up through high frequency induction”.

MIG welding: the MIG welding (Metal-arc Inert Gas) process implies a continuous wire welding where a continuous wire electrode welds under a shielding gas which feeds through the welding gun to the workpiece to weld. The shielding gas has the function of protecting the welding zone from contaminants in the air, avoiding the contact between weld pool and atmosphere and allowing to operate without dross. Initially only Argon (inert gas) was used but later it was discovered that the addition of an oxidizing gas (initially oxygen and then carbon dioxide) not only offered the same protection but also had positive effects on the transfer of metal from the wire to the weld pool. That led to the MAG technique (Metal-arc Active Gas) which differs from MIG only for the different gases implied. Today the most used shielding inert gases are Ar (heavier than air) and He (lighter than air).

MIG/MAG welding is a wire process and for this reason offers a wide productivity to the process itself and guarantees many possibilities of application in terms of material, mechanization degree and welding position.

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