Relying on certified and established partners, MDL, offers a complete metal welding and brazing service that can meet all needs. The brazing process allows to join the two joints by melting them, while welding often uses material and filler metal for the joint.


With this type of welding it is also possible to join together metals of different nature and it usually requires the addition of material to weld the joints. Unlike other techniques, braze welding requires temperatures of 900°C and it does not require overlapping joints like brazing. The reason being that braze welding is mostly used for joining pipes and galvanized sheets and materials such as brass and bronze, alloys that need higher temperatures than brazing.


This welding technique is essentially based on electromagnetic induction to bring the joints to temperatures suitable for welding, ranging from 100°C to 3000°C. The metal object introduced into the magnetic field heats up very quickly, melting the filler material that allows the contact joints to be welded together. When the aesthetic aspect of the joint is not that important, induction welding or brazing is the most suitable procedure, quick and repeatable, it allows to efficiently join two pieces made of different materials and therefore usually difficult to weld.


MIG (Metal-arc Inert Gas) or MAG (Metal-arc Active Gas) welding is a type of process also known as arc welding, so called because it uses the power of an electric arc that starts from the filler material and the metal to be welded, heating the joints to melt them. This is a continuous wire process that can be used to weld different types of material. The difference between MIG and MAG lies in the inert gases used to protect the weld puddle, usually helium and argan, and in the active gases used to stabilize the weld.


TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) or GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding), according to AWS terminology, is an arc welding process with an infusible (tungsten) electrode, under inert gas protection, which can be performed with or without filler metal.