MDL was founded in 1989 by two brothers: Marcello and Diego Zanini. Originally specialized only in disc cutting, deburring and tube washing, the company has expanded its areas of expertise over the years, establishing itself as a leading company in the laser processing of tube and sheet metal. MDL’s processing denotes professionalism and resourcefulness, thanks to the technical skills gained over time, its indisputable reliability and the support of the most modern technologies.

With the perspective of continuous growth, MDL combined disc cutting with laser cutting, so much so that in 2006 it founded the laser tube cutting division and in 2013 the laser cutting and sheet metal bending division. Today MDL has become a leading company in the laser cutting of both tubes and sheets, an institution capable of offering a high quality product and a service in line with the demands of the market. Recently, MDL has introduced the innovative fiber optic technology in order to process any type of material, including non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and brass. MDL’s aim is to best meet the needs of its customers, working both on complete supplies and on behalf of third parties.

Brothers Marcello and Diego Zanini founded MDL
The laser tube
cutting division was born
The sheet metal cutting and
bending division was born
MDL became a leading company
in laser tube and sheet metal cutting


Quality and innovation are the basis of the company’s objectives. MDL is not only an up-to-date and technological supplier, but it is also a punctual partner able to offer the best possible solution to specific needs, always working in synergy with its customers.


MDL supports mutual respect, focused on valuing the individual, protecting the personal and professional dignity of the person.


MDL cultivates mutual trust and passion in working together, seeking the union between personal and corporate objectives with energy and positivity.


MDL fosters an environment in which everyone can feel free to express his or her potential with equal opportunities.


MDL pays deep attention to its customers in order to understand and anticipate their expectations, trying to increasingly satisfy their requests.


MDL always tries to ride the wave of progress which imposes constant changes and development, investing more and more in new technologies and therefore in the future.


Five systems for laser tube cutting (oxygen and fiber)

Two hydraulic saws with automatic cycle for tube cutting, equipped with deburring and washing machine

Two systems for sheet metal bending

Three spans with independent overhead cranes

A warehouse stocked with several sections of supplies to fulfill orders in the shortest possible time and thus be as competitive as possible

due impianti per la piegatura della lamiera

One loading-unloading station

An all-Italian excellence having its roots in the combination of tradition and innovation.


MDL is well acquainted with the logic of the market and of its customers’ ever increasing search for quick answers and for a reliable and professional partner. On the basis of the knowledge acquired over the years, the company has adapted accordingly, in view of the extreme nature of the “Just in time” concept, complying with a growing demand for urgent orders.
MDL’s strong points are its high-level equipment and its specialized staff, on whom the company has paid the utmost attention with specific training courses both in the professional field and from the point of view of safety. Every year our collaborators are trained and updated on working technologies, materials and safety regulations in force.
The vast knowledge acquired, the seriousness and punctuality, combined with continuous innovation and renewal of the fleet of machines has allowed MDL to propose itself as a partner of reference alongside customers operating in various fields: construction, furniture, automotive, heating, plumbing, components, textiles, safety…
MDL is able to support its customers on a daily basis by offering a complete and customized service with particular attention and care for details, supporting them from the design phases to the finished product.
The company’s goal is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by supporting every single need or request, with commitment and professionalism, ensuring high quality results.